OnPlan Consulting is a trusted partner for companies looking at purchasing, implementing. or customizing an ERP systems. Founded in 2003, OnPlan Consulting has worked with small to fortune 500 companies with their ERP applications. With a team of dedicated business consultants and developers, we implement and configure a system that is designed for your needs. 

OnPlan Consulting launched in 2003, in Portland, OR by co-founders Chris Hickey and Steve Douglas, who had met in college and soon became friends. Both worked for large organizations and became ERP experts through working for Oracle. Their aim continues to focus on developing ERP systems tailored to business needs.  By focusing on fitting the software to the organization, companies who have worked with OnPlan Consulting saw a net benefit to the business that outweighed the cost of ERP implementations. This resulted in OnPlan attracting the attention of companies of all sizes, notably fortune 500 organizations, and industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, technology, and wholesale.  

Today, OnPlan Consulting considers your business their #1 priority. As your ERP consultants, OnPlan assesses your needs, provides a plan for success, implements based on your needs, and supports you through the transition. The result is an ERP system tailored to your needs with a reduction in operating costs that outweighs the expense of implementation. We consistently deliver real results on deadline and always guarantee our work.