OnPlan: Achieving the Perfect Order

How Netsuite can Help Your Business Achieve the Perfect Order


A challenge that all retailers face today is staying on top of the ever-changing expectations of their customers. In order to satisfy customer expectations, merchants need to provide customers with the ability to purchase anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere, while still operating an efficient and profitable business.  Unfortunately, many retailers do not have the back office operations in place to make this possible. NetSuite’s cloud-based software streamlines global operations to connect all aspects of your business, creating the perfect order.

There are three critical steps to achieving the perfect order.  

  1. Centralize Your Order Management

By using NetSuite to centralize your order management, you provide all fulfillment channels access to all information regarding inventory stock levels, demand requirements, and timing. Automating the end-to-end order lifecycle gives you the capability to cost-effectively support complex processes such as split shipments, drop ship, personalized products, continuity programs, and digital fulfillment.

  1. Gain Enterprise-Wide Inventory Visibility

The only way to achieve end-to-end inventory visibility in real-time is through a single cloud-based inventory management solution. This visibility gives a global merchant the capability to move a slow-selling item from one store to another, where the demand of that product is strong. Shoppers are provided with real-time order and inventory information from a merchant’s website.

  1. Add Intelligence to Your Order Allocation

NetSuite offers merchants the capability to intelligently make decisions about where to ship each order from, and how to best fulfill orders for a positive financial impact on your company. Infinite customization options provide retailers with the tools necessary to give customers a great buying experience.

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