OnPlan: Duck Store Conquers Omnichannel Challenges

Learn How NetSuite Helped the University of Oregon Bookstore


College bookstores are unique in their audience, inventory, and the role they play as both a retailer and an educational service. While most bookstores use niche software from textbook wholesalers, the University of Oregon bookstore found success outside of their standard software market. When the current systems did not have the functionality to provide the Duck store with everything they need to grow their business, the Duck Store CIO turned to the top rated ERP support software: NetSuite.

NetSuite enabled the Duck Store to serve students, faculty, alumni, and duck fans to the best of their capability. In store and online sales both improved within the first year, as well as an improvement on the in-season apparel sales. Real-time data analytics allowed the bookstore to move product from one storefront to another during halftime of football games to assure there would be enough inventory not to squander revenue.

NetSuite improves your business through

  • Financial management
  • Real-time data
  • Mobile POS
  • Online ecommerce


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