Answering Your ERP Questions

OnPlan Consulting delivers ERP consulting and customization for companies looking to add a competitive advantage to their business. Whether it's NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics or some other software, OnPlan is a firm you can trust to help you make the right decision in your software choices. We hope this resource will help answer some of the questions you might have.  Need more information?

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An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software keeps all of your transactions and data in one unified system. This allows business functions to share that data with each other, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. We help configure the software to what your business needs, based off how the business is run, and the processes used to make it run how you want it to.  


When considering the benefits of an ERP system, think about what makes sense from a budgeting perspective. Look at the costs of the multiple systems in use, and see how an ERP system can save you money by turning those multiple systems into one.  Learn more about NetSuite assessments provided by OnPlan.

An integrated ERP system keeps all the data in one place. Instead of having to transfer customer profiles from one software to another, that information is shared automatically.


With the ERP system storing all your data in one place, you can pull your reports from one place, giving you a single source of truth. The ERP systems we work with gives options to construct additional reports, as well as look at data within a form itself.

OnPlan works with cloud-based ERP systems, so you can access your software anytime, from any place. No special apps required, just use the browser in any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


The software is what we call extensible. It can be expanded with multiple programs added on to the base system. It can also be connected with third-party software such as an HR or payroll system.


OnPlan has a train-the-trainer methodology. Our experts support the managers of a customer, giving them the ability to train their employees on the system, with the added benefit of being familiar with their company’s processes. While the managers are training, our experts are there on-site, ready to answer any questions or provide guidance as needed.


We deliver support from an optimization standpoint to add or improve processes after implementation. In addition, we offer 3 different levels of standard support to help with any issues that arise, ranging from 24/7 availability for a higher level to an as-needed basis for the lower levels.

OnPlan works with both the client and the ERP providers such as NetSuite to find out what applications are necessary. We then inform the clients on what licensing is required, and what might be needed in the future for any plans they may have.


We build an integration plan ahead of time, planning out every aspect needed for the business. That plan is then turned over to our experts, who build a script within the software to complete the integration process.


We have experts that work on everything from support to implementation. Our difference in cost is that we identify what areas those experts will be needed ahead of time, adding the cost of those experts into the implementation plan.


We guarantee our implementations, putting in the effort to truly understand our clients’ goals. Our estimates are guaranteed, and will not change upon implementation.


We spend the time up front to identify exactly what needs to be done, putting a plan in place ready to go for the implementation. Every project has its own project manager, ensuring things get done on time while addressing issues as they happen.

Our primary focus is always on the customer. We aim to develop a long-term partnership with our clients. The second focus is on our seasoned employees, with an average tenure of 8+ years. Finally, our ownership is always available and willing to talk you through any issues you might have.

We work to have all of our clients be available as a reference for us. When a customer is looking for a reference, we work to find a company most similar to them. We also have several companies we’ve worked with that will coordinate a call to describe how they have experienced the OnPlan Difference.