OnPlan: Five Facets of NetSuite Retail’s Value

How Netsuite can be Valuable to a Retail Business


A cloud-based ERP solution is what will set your retail company ahead of the competition. These fives facets are what differentiate NetSuite Retail from other ERP systems.

  1. NetSuite Retail is a Good Fit for Modern Global Companies

Modern business requires attention in a multitude of areas, NetSuite Retail automates back-office operations providing more time to focus on other areas of business. Retail companies often employ young entry-level employees, and the NetSuite software suits their habits and tendencies.

  1. A Flexible, Built-in Platform

What sets NetSuite apart from other cloud ERP systems is the customization options. NetSuite and its providers are able to take the platform and morph it to fit any need of your expanding company, without slowing down operation.

  1. A Unified Data Model

As a single system, NetSuite’s platform operates with a unified data model, meaning that regardless of the functional module, all data is stored and analyzed in the same way, in real-time. Record visibility through the cloud allows employees anywhere in the world to view records necessary to serve their customers better.

  1. Commerce and Omnichannel

NetSuite’s native function supports omnichannel retail but also offers other omnichannel commerce products such as SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Advanced Order Management. Much of the functionality of the software removes the need for assistance from IT staff.

  1. Built for Industry

NetSuite has specific platforms designed for specific industries, one of which being retail. Each industry has a few primary verticals where the solution best performs. In the case of NetSuite Retail, a few of these are:

  • Fashion apparel
  • Sporting and active
  • Personal goods and cosmetics
  • Home furnishing

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