Discover OnPlan Consulting's ERP Consultant Apprenticeship Program

One of the biggest benefits of the NextGen program is that we take on the responsibility and cost of training and hiring apprentices, while you have the freedom to choose who you want to work with.

OnPlan apprentices are chosen specifically with your needs and project in mind, as we want them to be a good fit with your organization as well as ours. 

You interview the prospective apprentice, and once you approve, we hire them. Along with direct training from our founders, we provide every apprentice with the mentorship of a senior OnPlan consultant, and ongoing on-the-job training. 

As apprentices transition to the client site, we provide support and clear communication, working together with you to ensure your satisfaction. At the completion of the training, you’ll have the option to hire your apprentice. 

OnPlan is proud to be equipping and training the next generation of dedicated ERP consultants—and to offer our clients an exceptional value for quality work.