Meet OnPlan Consulting's NextGen Apprentice Tim Alan


After serving in the Air Force, Tim was looking for way to get into the IT industry, and realized that our NextGen program would give him the best—and fastest—opportunity to do so.

While Tim’s real-world experience included a networking background, he had no significant Oracle experience to speak of. What he did have was a great attitude, a strong work ethic, and an eagerness to learn consulting. In addition, his “soft skills” of being able to work well as a trainee, both with our internal team and with the client, quickly made him a valuable asset.

As Tim says, “I’ve learned so many new skills already, basically everything within in the Oracle Suite is new to me right now. From the application side of creating concurrent programs, to learning more SQL and writing scripts on the back end. I've also learned more about Linux commands as well. I am constantly learning something new each day.” 

An added benefit is getting to be part of a team. Tim enjoys working through problems with others and bouncing ideas off of his OnPlan peers.

“This job is a true career compared to where I was before, and the potential for growth is so much greater. I also enjoy the fact that each day brings something new and challenging,” he says. “This has been a great move for me, and a huge opportunity that I am happy to have.”