Increase Actionable Insights
Online Conversions
Decrease Out Stock
Repeat Customer Orders

Why NetSuite is Built for Retail & Ecommerce.

Multi-channel shoppers spend on average 30% more than single-channel shoppers. NetSuite provides retailers with the tools necessary to target cross-channel shoppers. Through Netsuite, companies are able to unify their channels to best represent their brand and improve their profit margin. With a simple single-platform management tool, companies can monitor all of their channels (in-store, online, mobile, and call center) from one easy to use location. NetSuite’s financial and support systems provide anyone who is in contact with a customer all data necessary to best support the customer. NetSuite streamlines your systems into one software consolidating your entire business with:

  • In-Store POS
  • ECommerce
  • CRM and Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Inventory and Supplier Management
  • Financials

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Achieving the Perfect Order

Retailers are expected to provide their customers with the option to purchase to anywhere, from anywhere, and still fulfill the order on time. See how NetSuite will improve back office operations in order to achieve the perfect order every time.

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NetSuite for Fashion

Creating a uniform customer experience across all channels of purchasing improves brand loyalty. Learn how NetSuite is used as a valuable tool in the fashion industry.

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Five Facets of NetSuite Retail

There are many differentiators that set NetSuite apart from other ERP systems. Discover the five ways NetSuite Retail out performs its' competitors.

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Retail Trends 2018

Having the best product may not be the most important part of the buying process to the new generation of shoppers. Discover how the retail industry is changing and how NetSuite can help you be prepared for a changing customer base.

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Advanced Omnichannel

Modern shoppers identify strongly with their favorite brands, so it is vital to have multiple channels that all align to work with your brand and one another. Learn how NetSuite can create a more advanced omnichannel retail process that best aligns with your brand.

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Maximizing Mobile Point-of-Sale

NetSuite's mobile POS tool gives your sales associates any information they might need to make a sale anywhere in the store. Explore how a mobile point-of-sale tool will remove the disconnect for your customers from online to instore.

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