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Why NetSuite is Built for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite aids wholesale distribution companies by improving their customer experience across many facets of business. Consumer patience is at an all time low; they want what they want, when they want it. Major players have set a precedent for fast free shipping and it is causing other businesses to lose customers. The ability to purchase product whenever, wherever, and however has also been established as a must have in the eyes of a consumer.

NetSuite’s connectivity and customizability provide wholesale distribution companies with the tools necessary to best grow their business. Reaching customers online, by phone, over email, in person, and more through their single omnichannel commerce tool. The ability to build your own business rules into NetSuite allows you to manage your company’s unique requirements through automation.

NetSuite’s financial and support systems provide anyone who is in contact with a customer all data necessary to best support the customer. NetSuite streamlines your systems into one software consolidating your entire business.




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