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Reduced Reporting
Decrease Time To Close
Reduced IT Support

NetSuite ERP

Searching for an ERP system that works for your business needs is essential. NetSuite, the leading ERP system, is designed to improve processes, provide real-time data, customer lifecycle information, and financial reporting all in the cloud. The power of NetSuite helps organizations reduce the tedious, time-consuming, and costly operations of standalone systems. Instead of having disparate systems, NetSuite combines these into one collaborative system where inventory, order management, operations, customer relations, accounting, etc. all provide real-time data to your organization. Companies that utilize NetSuite find:
• Reduced IT costs by 50% or more
• Accelerated financial close by 20%-50%
• Cut order-to-cash cycle by 50%+
• Reduced audit preparation time by 50%
• Reduced invoicing costs by 25%-75% promotional efforts
• Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) by 10%-20%

Business Savvy

OnPlan consultants have deep business backgrounds in engineering, operations, accounting, and other related disciplines. That real-world knowledge, coupled with technical expertise, is a valuable combination. Every consultation starts as a business conversation about your challenges, goals, and overall expectations. By thoroughly understanding your unique business situation, your OnPlan consultant can best align NetSuite applications to deliver the results you want.

Efficiency and Value

While most consultants send a set number of resources to a site for a predetermined amount of time, OnPlan adjusts staffing to reflect the actual work at hand. You never pay providers who aren't actively working on your project, or a person who isn't the right fit for the task. OnPlan's focus is on delivering greater efficiency and more value for your money. The result is less people on your site, with fewer hours billed, and work that's done right the first time.

Support for Ongoing Success

Every OnPlan project starts with a conversation, and continues with ongoing NetSuite support for as long as you want it. As part of a local, Northwest-based company, your OnPlan consultant is readily available when you call. Should your operations, technical needs, or business goals ever change, OnPlan will be here to help. As a partner in your success, we'll continue to work with you to find solutions that go beyond the software.