OnPlan People

Founders Chris Hickey and Steve Douglas started OnPlan Consulting 13 years ago when they saw a wide-open opportunity to provide more skilled, savvier systems analysts at the consultant level. With more and more companies like Xerox making the switch from IBM hardware to Oracle software, Chris and Steve stepped in to provide the expertise to do it well, on deadline and at a fair price. 

13 years later, OnPlan’s team has grown to 22 expert business systems analysts – each chosen for their ability to integrate the appropriate software so it enhances the way you run your business.

Chris and Steve built OnPlan’s mission and values on four principles:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Drive

Your success is guaranteed as OnPlan delivers real, on-time solutions for your company’s complex projects.

OnPlan’s seen it all, thanks to a collective 60+ years of technical, project management and business experience at both the corporate and consulting levels. Chris, Steve and their employees apply both industry and cross-industry best practices to solve your unique challenge.