Understanding Your Company's Software Needs

It sounds like a simple project to upgrade your outdated Oracle application. Yet when they finally come to us, many clients describe a frustrating journey of too many days, months, or even years spent trying to do an upgrade, only to have a jerry rigged, inefficient result.

Instead of sending your team down this path of twists and turns by themselves, bring in an experienced guide. Engage OnPlan today to be your partner in doing an upgrade for your unique needs and system. 

Do you want help with your upgrade?

  • OnPlan will work alongside you to analyze the functionality of your current system.
  • This analysis determines the impact of the project, including its potential ripple effects into all areas of your business. Using an upgrade tool, we’ll run a query to identify any customizations in your system and also the complexity of those custom objects. 

Can a new functionality replace a retired custom object?

  • When our consultants find complicated functions, they present you with well thought through and thoroughly estimated options to replace those customizations. OnPlan’s goal is always to make your software more efficient to improve your productivity and profits. 
  • Using standard functionality often can really benefit your business expenses, so we’ll work with you to determine if that’s the best option. 

Does your new functionality truly function?

  • Once OnPlan’s technical team gives the go-ahead to run an upgrade, our functional team reviews the standard functionality and identifies any issues. Should we find things that need to be tweaked, we then work with an Oracle support team to correct those issues.
  • And don’t worry if your previous system generated custom forms, reports, or interfaces – we’ll roll those back in once all the kinks are worked out in our review phase. 

Have we tested it all?

  • OnPlan’s consultants run through the system again and again, testing and re-testing until everything’s running right. 
  • Our Oracle developers also locate and identify any issues your upgrade may have on your custom objects. 
  • Our goal is to completely satisfy your needs, so we won’t leave a project until every error is identified and corrected.

What about integration & acceptance testing?

  • Good call – you’re being thorough. And so is OnPlan. Once unit testing for the Oracle EBS is complete, we perform the upgrade separately for integration testing. 
  • Then we test your Oracle upgrade through a real-life workplace environment.


When OnPlan Consulting is part of your project, we guarantee all your applications and custom objects will work cohesively and efficiently. We’ll communicate with your team daily until together we deliver results that lead to increased performance and profits for your business.