Improve Your Oracle Implementation

Faulty or outdated applications can interrupt your business and put you behind your competitors. OnPlan is committed to staying up-to-date with the non-stop evolution of Oracle’s applications, and we can help you catch up to current standards, too. Clients come to us every day with this type of issue, and our job is getting you back to working well quickly. 

We help companies like yours integrate with Oracle’s applications smoothly, without hiccups. You’ll hardly notice we’re there! Take a look at these typical project issues to see if any echo your situation – and you’ll see how OnPlan Consulting can help improve your implementation of Oracle’s ERP or EBS: 

  • OnPlan can work with your operations and IT department to determine what your company requires from a new or upgraded application to integrate with your existing backend operations and keep things moving. In other words, we’ll make sure the system you’re purchasing is going to communicate smoothly and accurately with each area of your business, from accounting to distribution to inventory. 
  • You’ve installed a new system but the pieces just aren’t linking together yet and you’ve exhausted all your internal resources to identify the problem. Chances are you’re team isn’t recognizing the functionality gap between the EBS application and your business operation requirements. OnPlan Consulting can dive in and highlight those gaps, then review the problem with your business and IT teams to collectively determine the best, most cost-effective solution. 
  • Then it’s up to you what level of support you need next. OnPlan can create, build and implement the necessary solution to remove those gaps within your EBS software – both functional and technical specifications. Or if you’d rather develop the solution in-house, our team can educate your IT department as needed and remain engaged to answer any questions along the way. 
  • Need help executing application integration and acceptance testing? We’ll be there every step of the way to help lead your employees through the process of building test plans and scripts. We’ll point out any issues that need resolving, assist with the fixes and test again. 
  • Your Oracle EBS software is up and running, but your end users need training. OnPlan can quickly and thoroughly get your team up to speed and ready to solo.
  • Your app’s live but not firing on all cylinders. OnPlan Consulting is ready to provide Oracle support for your company’s Superusers and IT groups if issues arise post-production.