Sizing Up E-Commerce Platforms

Learn How NetSuite Frees Up Businesses to Focus on Manufacturing By Growing B2B E-commerce Sales 


NetSuite’s Manufacturing ERP software has helped tens of thousands of companies, ranging from small to midsize, grow their B2B E-commerce sales exponentially. Freeing up the business to focus on what it’s best at, manufacturing.

Ferguson Enterprises is a plumbing and heating equipment distributor who had an E-commerce sales total of $3 billion last year which amounts to 21% of their total sales, with a projected E-commerce sales growth rate of 20% annually. “It’s our strategy to have the best transactional e-commerce capability in the industry. This is increasingly becoming a source of competitive advantage over smaller regional competitors.”  John Martin, CEO of Ferguson, said this when speaking of his companies new upgrade using NetSuite’s E-commerce software.

DIY Home Center is an online-only distributor of building supplies. Although over half of their sales are to individual clients, they use Netsuite to target businesses who would be purchasing building materials more often than the average homeowner. One advantage DIY found with Netsuite’s cloud-based system is that their customers can now visit their site on a mobile device as opposed to the previous desktop-only version. DIY reports that thanks to NetSuite, nearly half of their online visitors now access their site via mobile devices.  

NetSuite’s ERP software is aiding companies like these around the globe improve their E-commerce sales while freeing up their employees to focus on what they’re best at. To learn more about how NetSuite can enhance your company’s E-commerce sales, download your free white paper.


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