OnPlan: Strategies for Maximizing Mobile POS (Point Of Sale)

5 Ways mPOS Technology Will Improve Your Customer Experience.


Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is a wireless device that performs the functions of an electronic POS terminal. mPOS technology is growing at an alarming rate, and shows no sign of slowing down; not having the technology sets you behind other retailers. These devices function as more than just a mobile checkout stand, but also as a customer engagement tool with the ability to access all real-time data regarding inventory and availability from one single source.

Here are five ways that implementing mPOS technology will improve the customer experience:

  • Make the Sales Associate the Expert

By placing a know-all device in the hand of your sales associates, they have more power and freedom on the sales floor than when they were stuck behind the checkout stand.

  • Gain Insight into Your Shoppers

With the ability to pull up order history or an online wishlist, a sales associate has the tools to know a customer the moment they enter the store.

  • Provide an Endless Aisle

Access to worldwide real-time inventory data, there is no such thing as needing to go to another location. Orders can be placed from any store or location, from one device.

  • Line Busting

With multiple sales associates located all over the store, long lines will be easily managed.  

  • Take your Business Anywhere

Freedom to take your business outside of the storefront to a trade show for B2B clients.

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