NetSuite: Transforming Today's Manufacturers

Transform Your Manufacturing

Learn How NetSuite Impacts Your Business

In a continually changing environment, manufacturers need an ERP system that will grow alongside them, keep pace, and help them face the challenges of today. Whether a company is in its starting stages, or 50 years down the road, it is impossible to be successful without the right tools in place. NetSuite understands these obstacles and solves these issues with software that focuses on the manufacturers specific capabilities, reliability, global functionality, the customer experience, and the flexibility to accommodate complex business models. NetSuite is designed for modern businesses and is the ERP software provider of choice for manufacturers. Learn how NetSuite’s cloud-based platform addresses the needs of a manufacturer transformation through the ERP process.

In This White Paper: NetSuite’s Five Pillars address the challenges of modern manufacturing businesses face:

  • Reliable platform
  • Industry-specific capabilities
  • Global functionality
  • Customer experience focus
  • Flexibility to accommodate complex business models

Meeting the needs of a global infrastructure through:

1. Scalable Infrastructure

With new data centers located around the world, NetSuite is able to protect your companies data, while pushing you forward in adding subsidiaries, business partners, or new sales offices.  The cloud-based ERP platform will grow alongside your business.

2. International Fiscal Functionality

While supporting businesses in over 110 countries, including 190 different currencies and financial compliance laws, NetSuite has proven that it is fiscally capable of supporting companies anywhere in the world.

3. Multi-Level Company Structures

NetSuite is capable of supporting a multi-level company, providing service for both parent and subsidiary companies.

4. Global Supply Chain Functionality

NetSuite gives a company the advantages of in-house manufacturing by monitoring the supply chain globally with visibility into every aspect of inventory, production, and sales.


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