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Have you outgrown your Quickbook pants? Or Do the pants technically fit, but they just don't feel right anymore….


Here’s some key thoughts to reflect on to determine if it makes sense to look at replacing Quickbooks for your company with the #1 Cloud based ERP Oracle + NetSuite:

1. NetSuite makes more complex accounting easy. QuickBooks does not effectively support multi-site operations, trading abroad, additional subsidiaries, complex pricing, revenue recognition, etc.

2. NetSuite is a complete business suite. All of your business departments Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Executives, Inventory, Procurement, eCommerce will have the entire companies data available real-time in the working format you need to run your business.

3. NetSuite can be accessed from anywhere. Most QuickBooks users choose the Desktop version. NetSuite customers only need an Internet browser and a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

4. NetSuite eliminates IT complexities and hassles. NetSuite delivers a Web-based service that eliminates the cost of managing, maintaining, and upgrading business applications.

5. NetSuite delivers true visibility into business performance. Executives can easily see real-time visibility into financial and operational performance with role-tailored dashboards.

6. NetSuite automates key financial processes. QuickBooks customers continue to enter the same data into multiple applications and use spreadsheets for accounting tasks.

7. NetSuite supports global expansion. Operating with multiple locations or subsidiaries on QuickBooks is difficult. NetSuite fully supports consolidation, inventory transfers, multi-currency, etc.

8. NetSuite delivers true industry-specific financial management. NetSuite is fully tailored to support growing services firms, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

9. NetSuite is built to be integrated with other applications. QuickBooks does not provide a standards-based, open architecture for connectivity to partners and other business apps.

10. NetSuite can be easily customized. NetSuite allows end users to quickly alter fields, layouts, logic, and workflow. QuickBooks is not built to support unique customer requirements.

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