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When you’re looking for help with your Oracle application implementations and upgrades, OnPlan Consulting delivers the expertise your company needs.

Maintaining, adding or reengineering an Oracle application so it fits your company better, improves your operational workflow and increases your productivity is what we do every day.

That’s why OnPlan Consulting is the trusted advisor throughout the Western U.S. for industry leaders using Oracle.

ERP Insights From Oracle And NetSuite Experts

The Beginning of the End of Period Ends

How an ERP saves money, time, and resources in the life of the dreaded accounting period end.


Oracle's Open World in San Francisco

In October OnPlan Consulting’s founding partner Steve Douglas and Business Development Director Sarah Centrella attended Oracle’s Open World in San Francisco. The goal was to learn as much as possible about “The Cloud.” The two met with Oracle executives, walked through numerous product demos, and even spent time floating in the “The Cloud!”  All to gain a brouder understanding of how to best move forward with OnPlan’s decision to become a certified Cloud partner.

News: OnPlan Consulting Becomes NetSuite Partner


Your Success is Guaranteed

Your success is guaranteed as OnPlan delivers real, on-time solutions for your company’s complex projects.

NetSuite Training Options You Need To Know

Discover The Best Online NetSuite Training Options Available

Tired of searching for NetSuite training online? Here’s a selection of websites to help end your search!

When you’re a NetSuite beginner or trying to find something specific to learn about, it’s not that easy to find training for NetSuite software online.

To help you, we’ve pulled together some examples of online NetSuite training courses, videos and chat groups all in one place.

We’ll update this list of NetSuite training sites regularly to keep it current. Make sure you bookmark it for future reference.

If you have any recommendations for training that we haven’t included or advice you’d like to share please add it into the comments section.  We’d love to hear from you.