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When you’re looking for help with your NetSuite, Oracle, and other ERP application implementations and upgrades, OnPlan Consulting delivers the expertise your company needs.

Maintaining, adding or re-engineering an ERP  so it fits your company better, improves your operational workflow and increases your productivity is what we do every day.

That’s why OnPlan Consulting is the trusted advisor throughout the Western U.S. for industry leaders using Oracle.

ERP Insights From Oracle And NetSuite Experts

SuiteAnalytics Workbooks




Have you outgrown your Quickbook pants? Or Do the pants technically fit, but they just don't feel right anymore….


Here’s some key thoughts to reflect on to determine if it makes sense to look at replacing Quickbooks for your company with the #1 Cloud based ERP Oracle + NetSuite:

5 Considerations For ERP Assessments

Selecting an ERP can have challenges in finding the platform that is right for them. Many growing organizations have concerns with switching costs from downtime to missing data. These concerns are significant, yet, choosing the right software and implementation partner should alleviate these common concerns.  Before starting an ERP implementation, a clear assessment is essential.  Consider these 5 elements of a solid ERP assessment.

The Beginning of the End of Period Ends

How an ERP saves money, time, and resources in the life of the dreaded accounting period end.