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SuiteAnalytics Workbooks


NetSuite is making changes all the time.  Besides the rollout of new functions and application enhancements, they also work to enhance the users experience with improved tools.

This month, October 2019, NetSuite is offering training sessions on the SuiteAnalystics tool capabilities.  Every Rollout, 2019.2 in this case, NetSuite Product Managers and Sales Teams offer these free sessions running 30-60 minutes highlighting new functions and features.  Sessions range from functional to technical depending on the subject.  A 2019.2 rollout feature that I find intriguing the proper Payables Prepayment function.  Simple setups will now allow the system to properly process, account and track Prepayments and Vendor Billing applications.

SuiteAnalystics Workbooks is a new analytical tool that allows users to create customizable workbooks combining queries, tables, and charts all in a single tool.  SuiteAnalystics combines multiple resources together into a single place instead of capturing this data across the system.  In the 2019.2 rollout the new data source based on data models became publicly available.  With Release 2019.2, NetSuite is rolling out pre-built SuiteAnalystics workbooks.  For Retailers they have enhanced the SuiteCommerce webstore and merchandise hierarchy improvements.  NetSuite Project Management will demonstrate some of these functions for free.  The session includes discussion on how to configure NetSuite to use this new data model, access the data sources and query the data.  Look to your NetSuite emails for how to register for these sessions.  Whenever possible, OnPlan Consulting looks to leverage these training sessions to improve our skills as we grow to support our clients and we suggest your team also leverage these sessions as they apply to your business.