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Since the beginning of CY 2019, the vast majority of new customers have turned on and used SuitePromotions. We are seeing very low new customers adopting Standard and Advanced Promotions and almost no usage. We feel confident that we can start planning for Standard and Advanced Promotions end-of-life.What is changing?

  • All customers will begin seeing information banners when creating standard promotions or promotions using the Advanced Promotions SuiteApp. These banners notify users that support for these promotion types will soon become unavailable. This will give customers the time to assess SuitePromotions and start migrating at their own pace.
  • The Advanced Promotions bundle will become "shared" and any new customer wanting to install it will need to get approval from the Product team. This will allow us to get visibility on the remaining SuitePromotions gaps and plan for the next phase of our deprecation plan (end of support for Standard and Advanced Promotions).

Standard and Advanced promotion services are not being discontinued immediately and promotion codes already setup will keep working until our first phase is complete and customers have had a chance to assess the change and give us feedback.

Why is NetSuite making these changes?
Standard and Advanced promotions are being superseded by SuitePromotions. SuitePromotions offer improvements that include a faster and more reliable engine, stackable promotions, auto-apply, best logic, free gift, and more. For details on the enhancements included with SuitePromotions, see the help topic Promotions Overview (SuiteAnswers ID: 63010).

When is the change taking effect?
We are targeting a October 24th e-fix for the change to take effect. This is an e-fix just after the 19.2 phase 3 rollout. We know that the shopping season is around the corner. Once again we are not turning Standard nor Advanced Promotions services at this time, but customers need to start planning for it.

Recommended actions
We strongly advise users that all new promotions should be created using SuitePromotions only. If your customers use existing Standard and Advanced promotions in their NetSuite environment, we encourage them to start replacing them with SuitePromotions. For information on setting up SuitePromotions, see the help topic Creating Promotions (SuiteAnswers ID: 63003).

We understand that this change could be disruptive, and we are ready to help with the transition to SuitePromotions. If the help topics listed here do not answer your questions, please contact NetSuite Customer Support for assistance.