Oracle's Open World in San Francisco

In October OnPlan Consulting’s founding partner Steve Douglas and Business Development Director Sarah Centrella attended Oracle’s Open World in San Francisco. The goal was to learn as much as possible about “The Cloud.” The two met with Oracle executives, walked through numerous product demos, and even spent time floating in the “The Cloud!”  All to gain a brouder understanding of how to best move forward with OnPlan’s decision to become a certified Cloud partner.

It was clear at Open World that Oracle’s focus moving forward, is to rollout the Cloud offering not only existing clients, but to an even greater audience. With the flexiability, no maintance, no hardware costs, and lower pricepoint, now Oracle’s offering becomes available to clients that might not have been a target customer in the past. Now smaller companies can take advantage of this new robust tool, and larger ones become more flexiable with the new functionality of the hosted Cloud.

For all these reasons OnPlan Consulting is excited to begin the proccess of becoming a certified Oracle implimentation partner for Cloud. This allows us to better serve our clients needs wether they be on premisis EBS or clients moving to the Cloud. Our team has begun the training process with Oracle, and are looking forward to our first few implimentations alongside the Oracle consulting team.

We believe this will be a huge area of growth for OnPlan Consulting in the coming years as we continue to meet the needs of our clients.