Client Story: CORE Health & Fitness

This week I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with one of our long standing clients, to discuss the completion of our most recent project. Ramesh Andey is the Sr. Manager Business Applications for CORE Health and Fitness in Vancouver, Washington near Portland.

“We’ve had a very long-term relationship with OnPlan Consulting that goes back to 2012.” Ramesh began. “Chris and Steve (OnPlan founders) and all the consultants have been great, it’s always a pleasure to work with dedicated folks.” Core engaged Greg (OnPlan Senior Applications Architect) on their most recent project, Oracle’s Advanced Pricing Oracle Module. “Right from the start he knew what needed to be done, and knew the module very well.” Ramesh told me.  “He helped us find a two-phase solution to our project. In both phases, Greg was really instrumental in the success of this project. He was able to functionally take it, and run with it on his own which was very helpful.”

I asked Ramesh what’s kept Core a loyal client and he said, “OnPlan is local, which is a big plus for us.” Working locally with Core gave us the opportunity to really get to know  them and their business over the years, we’ve been able to build a relationship based on trust which has enabled us both to be flexible in getting projects like this one done on time and within budget.  “Also everyone we’ve worked with is very helpful and knowledgeable, and OnPlan has always been more than willing to work around our budget constraints, which has proven very valuable.” He continued. “We’ve found that OnPlan’s consultants work really well with our internal team.”

“The scope was limited and it was pretty simple to manage scope creep with this (project).” Greg told me when I asked him how the project went from his perspective.  Having a clear scope and a good understanding of Core’s needs helped us keep changes to a minimum. This project was also a great example of how building a long standing relationship with our clients really helps, especially on this project because even though this module is not one we traditionally do often, Core understood that and trusted us to come up to speed and do it correctly. They also trusted us to get the project done in a flexible way. This meant they were open to a mixed delivery model; they were able to save on travel costs by allowing Greg to work from his home base in Seattle, and mix that with onsite time at their office at their Vancouver headquarters.

This is such a great example of how much we value our client relationships at OnPlan, which is my favorite part of my job! Getting to know our clients, understanding their needs, and then doing anything in our power to make it happen for them, all while being honest and upfront about our skills in any given area.

Stay tuned for more client stories coming in the near future!